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Top 3 Reasons Quality Assurance Industry is Gaining Massive Popularity

The Quality Assurance industry has been in existence for many years. In fact, we can say it existed since the first program was developed. However, in the past few years, the QA and Software testing industry has gained massive popularity. In this article, we will explore top 3 reasons that have contributed to the massive popularity of the quality assurance industry.

1. Today’s customers are more intelligent and demanding

According to the influencers, today’s customers have more sources of information as well as easy access to technology. Today’s consumers are more tech-savvy, intelligent and selective. They have access to various options. All these liberties are available for customers and that’s the reason, we are living in the customer driven market instead of company driven market. This creates an unavoidable need of the highest quality products. This nature of current buyers has increased the popularity of quality assurance industry.

2. Competition is fierce

As mentioned in the above point, today’s customer is more demanding, and the market is customer driven. The companies face fierce competition as technological inventions have removed geographical barriers and other market hurdles. Today’s businesses need to compete with both, local and global competitors. If the company fails in meeting consumers’ demand and expectations, they lost the game. The consumer will quickly select another product of a competitor and will not give a second chance to the company. Moreover, it can affect digital brand of the company, which can result in more losses in business. Thus, the development companies hire a top QA Company to assure they launch the best product with no defects.

3. Development cycle has to be small

The technology is changing on rapid rate. Yesterday’s biggest invention can be outdated today. The market is dealing with too many changes, revolutionary inventions and shortest attention span. If a company takes more than enough time in development, alpha testing and versioning, the chances are high that the unique idea of the company losesinterest,or the market is captured by some competitors. Thus, it is crucial to keep the development cycle shortest possible. Thus, along with the quick development models, the companies also use the best QA services from the inception of the project. Thus, the product can be launched within stipulated time.

End Note

The software industry is facing fierce competition and rapid changes. The customer is more demanding, selective in nature and having multiple options. All these factors have majorly contributed to the massive popularity of the best QA services and quality assurance industry.

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