Thursday , 24 October 2019
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QA Mentor Independent Software Testing Company

Established in 2010 with the objective of helping organizations improve their QA process, QA Mentor is now the top provider of 37 different quality Assurance testing types, with 24 separate services – several of which cannot be found at any other company.

QA Mentor has a global presence in 8 different countries, a staff of 100 and a pool of over 1500 crowdsourced testers. They use an effective and unique combination of onshore and offshore resources to keep costs low for clients. The mission of QA Mentor since inception has always been to provide superior quality assurance and software testing services, while treating clients and employees with total professionalism and respect. They aim to bring quality to the forefront of software development and become the central figure in Quality Assurance with an active QA website full of engaging discussions and resources.

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