Thursday , 21 March 2019
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What is QA as a Service

QA Services

Introduction When someone knows a very little about the subject of his/her interest it is not a problem at all since he /she still has the good chance for landing own software quality assurance analyst position. How? We live in the information era when networking comprises a lot of people over the globe. They share opinions, news and also knowledge …

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Success Is Your Choice – Follow Your Dreams!

One of my friends here on LinkedIn shared this picture with me few weeks ago and the more I look at it, the more I realize how it truly reflects the progression of my career. To me, this picture is a ladder to success. A long and very tough path of reaching the top.   Some people have ambitions and some do not, …

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How Do You Know If Your Testing Is Effective?

Yesterday I saw a very interesting post in one of the LinkedIn groups. Someone asked the question, “If you’re in an interview and asked ‘how do you know if your testing is effective’, what would your answer be? I think it is a very interesting and at the same time a very tricky question.  Along those same lines, the questions …

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