Monday , 27 May 2019
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How to Get the Job In QA Testing Companies and Make Successful Career in IT Sector

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When choosing a future profession you must honestly evaluate your abilities, talents and interests. This is one of the most important decisions each of us makes in life. Profession does not only allow you to earn a living but also be useful to people that need your services. But how to make the right choice? Being a QA Analyst may …

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Recommendations to Become A High-Value Employee in Quality Assurance Companies

What you should know Be advised, that you need to cherish your relationship with chief executives in the company. In small and medium size enterprises you are likely to have to collaborate with many middle managers. But, actually, you report to only one boss who is the QA Manager. It is desirable for you to be assertive and show a …

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Quality Assurance Consulting Types of Software Tests

Quality Assurance Consulting: Types of Software Tests. Part 2  There is a variety of testing types used in software development. Some of them are described below. Crash A Crash Test is the process of testing an application urls / links. Crash test consists of clicking on the links & buttons with the purpose of determining if a software build has …

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