Thursday , 13 December 2018
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Facing Resistance Introducing Dedicated QA

Regardless of how many years you’ve been in quality assurance, at some point you were the new QA person on the block, either solo or as part of a new team. A newly created QA team has the daunting task of implementing new processes and strategies to companies that have worked without quality assurance for a while. In some cases, …

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Dear QA PROFESSIONALS, I would strongly encourage you to review what static testing can do for your IT and QA Organizations and what ROI can be achieved by implementing and incorporating this phase within SDLC. Only TODAY $11 dollars on UDEMY for “Black Friday” Event. ( You will never get this course cheaper than TODAY! My course will help you to realize …

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Can misused DevOps kill QA?

There’s been some buzz in recent years within software development circles. A methodology has been thrown around and while some praise it, others sometimes cringe. Maybe you’ve heard the term once or twice, maybe you’ve formed an opinion, and maybe you still have questions. Of course we’re talking about DevOps. In particular, we’re talking about how DevOps may affect Quality …

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