Tuesday , 28 January 2020
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QA Audit & Process Improvement Services

QA Mentor’s QA Audit & Process Improvement Services can help decrease the time it takes to make your development cycle work effectively for you. Our decades of combined experience means we have seen every problem out there and its solution. Independent members of our team have felt the difficulty of incomplete processes, can recognize the symptoms, and have the expertise …

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QA Automation Tool Expert Services

When you are deciding to whether or not to automate – or if you’ve already made the decision to do it – the choices surrounding which automation tool to use can be overwhelming. There are dozens out there, from free to highly expensive, simple to complex. Do you get more than one that each focus on very specific aspects of …

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QA Candidate Interview Assessment Services

Everyone in management knows that the process of hiring qualified employees takes time. You have to go through loads of resumes to find ideal candidates, conduct phone screenings to weed the list down further, and then have the actual face to face interviews. Doing all of this takes your busy team members away from important projects for your business and …

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QA Environment Management Services

Do you know the optimal number of test environments you need? Have you considered the necessary specifications of a capacity performance environment? Do you know the steps that you need to take in order to properly maintain environments for testing execution? QA Mentor can help you with all of those questions and more.

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