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Test Process & Best Practices

Dealing with Test Data Compliance

When it comes to test data, most testers know that the best stuff is the real data that exists in production, not to mention that using it saves time because eliminates the need to create your own.  Some of that data can also be confidential and may require special handling in order to lower risks of exposure, as well as …

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Testing Competitively

With the Super Bowl come and gone not too long ago, it made me wonder about competitions of the mind and not just the body. Have you ever considered competing with other testers? Or even how such a thing could be explored and managed? Wonder no more because a group has started a competition just like that. Similar to a …

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API Testing – The responsibility of QA or Development?

When it comes to API testing, determining who should test them can be a point of contention in some organizations. There really is no simple or easy answer since the really depends on the QA and Development teams themselves. APIs can be formidable to many, but not to those with some programming knowledge.  At one point in time, that knowledge …

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Chief Quality Officer – What Is Their True Role?

Have you heard the title Chief Quality Officer but wondered exactly what it was that they did?  Are they the equivalent of a QA Manager? Or something different?  More than just a title or yet another manager, the Chief Quality Officer should be the chief quality advocate.  Their primary role includes researching and driving best practices by keeping up with …

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To Automate or Not to Automate?

It’s not possible to work in software quality assurance and not have heard about automation. Some people swear by it and recommend automating everything possible; others feel that leaving the human, manual element is more effective, even if it is for less efficient. Automation vendors are going to sing the praises of automation, certain, but just how can automation help …

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Building and Maintaining a Successful QA Team

Building a Successful QA Team Building a new QA team can undoubtedly be a daunting task.  If you’ve just been hired at a new company and tasked with creating or restructuring their QA department, then you have a lot of homework to do.  I’ve seen new managers come in like a whirlwind, moving people and process around with no real …

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