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Test Process & Best Practices

Tips to Enhance the Efficiency of Software Testing Process

top tips for effective software testing

When it comes to a software development and testing procedure, a single flaw can prove fatal. Thus, in making reliable software and its development, large business bodies utilize the best QA Company,which keeps them to remain out of harm’s way. At present, according to the best software testing companies, there are various automated software testing tools which reduce testing jobs …

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Step-wise Guide to Perform Penetration Testing

Penetration testing

Any software needs to go through various types of tests to assure that it has the required competitive edge. Today, when the protection of information resources is a necessary requirement of business service, penetration test allows obtaining an objective assessment of how easy it is to make unauthorized access to corporate network resources and site of your company in what …

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Load Testing for DevOps Application

load testing toold for DevOps apps

Application developers can use load testing to determine the impact of intensive use and loads. They can then apply an auto-scaling function to meet the identified needs of the application. There are several tools for testing applications that can be used for testing the applications under simulated load by users. The services are the part of BlazeMeter platform and are …

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How Do The Best Software Testing Companies Test Websites?

website testing guide

There are no methods of the testing of sites that will allow detecting errors in the software with 100% probability. Thus, the best software testing companies use a formal testing process. According to this process it is possible to prove that there are no software errors only, from the point of view of the chosen method of testing. Thus, it …

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What Tests Must Be Performed to Test API Effectively?

API Testing

API aka Application Program Interface is an individual piece of code that can be used to perform certain functions. The API can have a set of protocols, tools and routines. The beauty of the API is it can be developed once and then be used multiple times. It means the same API can be integrated into multiple solutions to make …

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Goals of Load Testing Service

Tips and Guide Load Testing

The goal of load testing is to simulate the real-world environment by generating concurrent user load of as many as possible users having access to WebWay. Automation increases the ability to conduct successful load tests, since it allows mimicking a high volume of users, sending simultaneous requests to the application or the server. To create adequate load test scenarios, software …

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