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Scalability Testing: What You Need to Know

Scalability testing

The term scalability refers to the capability of a website to handle volumes and types of activities that take place after the start of the app. Organizations need to make sure that the system is really ready for release, which characteristics remain acceptable in many situations and under various conditions, and which can support the transactional levels after the launch …

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Sequence Techniques Used by Best Software Testing Companies

sequence testing

The sequence methods allow software testers to distribute the tests, so that the tests assigned a higher priority can be executed before the tests having a lower priority, and then use only the first tests for repeated execution. This is particularly important when the testers can afford only the repeated execution of a small number of regression tests. Offshore software …

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How to test Desktop Apps and Games?

game app testing

Game testing is one of the most interesting testing areas, and somewhere that you can find a lot of software testing companies. On the Internet these software testing companies offer game testing services for the various genres of games for different consoles and platforms like XBox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii and PC platforms mobile, web and desktop. At first the testing …

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Tips to Enhance the Efficiency of Software Testing Process

top tips for effective software testing

When it comes to a software development and testing procedure, a single flaw can prove fatal. Thus, in making reliable software and its development, large business bodies utilize the best QA Company,which keeps them to remain out of harm’s way. At present, according to the best software testing companies, there are various automated software testing tools which reduce testing jobs …

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