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Random QA Knowledge You Would Love To Know

QA Services

Quality Assurance and Software Testing is a challenging job, but it is fun as well. The experts performing tests for long hours, usually enjoy the work. The people who don’t enjoy the world of testing and quality assurance often give up their career halfway because it is a challenging job. You, as a QA and Software tester, need to keep …

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Importance of Predictive Analytics in Software Testing

predictive analytics in software testing

Predictive Analytics is a concept which is being broadly exercised across industries and businesses to obtain the required inferences and to take business decisions. Traditional Software Quality Assurance (QA) is revising and taking on new responsibilities. Therefore, there is growing demand for teams to take an analytics-based approach towards next generation QA. Organizations need to reach the goals of both …

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API Testing: Quick Guide for Software Testers

API Testing

API is a common term these days, you must have heard this term. APIs have made coding faster for many developers. Also, it provides a window of using a single code in more than one application to perform similar tasks. The APIs are also used by the developers to use functionality of one solution within another solution by integrating that …

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Why Quality Assurance Matters for Business Success?

Quality Assurance Importance for Businesses

In earlier days of software, Quality Assurance was not given required importance. However, with time, business owners and managers have started realizing the value of Quality Assurance and Software Testing. If you are still unaware of the importance of QA services for your business, then read on to learn about the importance of QA service for software as well as …

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Performance Testing vs. Performance Engineering: Quick Guide


The field of software testing and quality assurance is huge. Software professionals understand the nitty gritty of  software testing, but aspiring software testing executives and the software development companies looking for software testing services often get confused. Performance Testing and Performance Engineering are often misunderstood as one of the same things. However, both are different than each other and today, …

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Key Difference between Testing and Quality Assurance

esting and Quality Assurance

Often considered as one thing, testing and quality assurance are fundamentally different than each other. The misinterpreted term often results in wrong deliverables and outcomes. We, QA Mentor, are the best QA Testing Company and to benefit you with our rich knowledge in the industry of QA and testing services, we have crafted this blog post that will give the …

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