Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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Following a Hybrid Approach with Flexible On-Demand Testing Services & Solutions Embellishes QA Mentor at GoodFirms

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  With an aim to help organizations from various sectors improve their QA functions, QA Mentor paves its trajectory to stand out in a primary place at GoodFirms. View QA Mentor’s Profile at GoodFirms Incorporated in 2010, and headquartered in New York, QA Mentor is a leading software testing company. QA Mentor is a multi-award winning – a CMMI Level …

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Top 10 reasons why there are Bugs/Defects in Software !

Software testing company

For a tester, the failure to report a bug/defect isn’t a good. Yet, it may not be the tester who’s entirely to blame since several other factors can lead to defects leaking into production. Here are the top ten reasons. Communication problems: Miscommunication or lack of communication during various stages of the software development process (right from requirement gathering to …

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11 Best Practices for Continuous Performance Testing

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To develop a top-notch product, your development teams need to perform continuous performance testing because with it, they can quickly identify key functional bugs as well as those load-handling and performance bugs that are difficult to detect. If you’re ready to implement continuous performance testing, knowing these 11 best practices would help: Focus on performance SLAs: Introducing codes in an …

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