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QA Automation Tool Expert Services

When you are deciding to whether or not to automate – or if you’ve already made the decision to do it – the choices surrounding which automation tool to use can be overwhelming. There are dozens out there, from free to highly expensive, simple to complex. Do you get more than one that each focus on very specific aspects of testing, or try for one that encompasses a wide range of functionality? Do you really need a defect or test management tool? What about security or load testing? How about a mobile testing tool or maybe a website links verification solution?

The answers are as varied as the tools and depend on so many factors: the size of your business, the type of applications under test, the goals of testing, the development scope, the number of people who will be using it, the QA or development processes in place, and so much more. Each tool requires not only an investment of money in most cases, but also an investment of time to learn and successfully integrate into the current processes.

If you have an experienced automation tester on staff, chances are their skillset is limited to just one or two tools. Those particular tools may not be the best fit for your project, but you’ll be inclined to use them anyway. Such a decision may be detrimental without doing proper research on all options. We’ve seen far too many companies spend a great deal of money on one tool only to determine later that it wasn’t suitable for their needs. They may end up buying another tool and continuing an expensive trial and error process, when they could have consulted with a specialized automation tool expert service from QA Mentor.


QA Mentor’s Automation Tool Expert Services is here to mitigate that risk for you. Our QA Professional team is full of automation experts in a wide range of both open source and enterprise testing tools. From general test automation, defect management security testing, or API testing and more, we have the knowledge and experience to help advise you on what tool or tools would best suit your current and future needs. We will provide you with several options to choose from, suited for any budget.  After our initial consultation, if you decide not to use our full service you’ll still receive our expert advice at no cost to you.

We can work with your IT teams to access your current process and strategies, future plans, resource availability, and current resource skillsets to find the best tools to meet your needs and allow for the growth and changes you anticipate.  We can then offer our expertise to install and implement what you’ve selected and give your team training on the tool or tools. This will ensure that you have the tools that will give you the best results for your business, and that they are implemented quickly and correct thus saving you money.  The training we offer will expedite your team’s usage of the new software, giving your company a head start.

It’s likely you’ve already done some research on your own and have narrowed down the field to a few possible choices.  QA Mentor can help you in this tool selection analysis and recommend the best tool for your needs.  If we know of a tool that would fit your needs well and it’s not in the ones you’ve identified yourself, we will still include it in our final recommendation. You can rest assured that all of your bases are covered and viable options are not missed.

 If you have already selected your tools, we can still offer our vast experience to help provide you with customization of those tools and define workflows for efficient usage. Our automation tool experts will adapt your selected tool for your specific environment, team, and business by defining workflows, processes, and metrics to capture important data. During this entire process, your team will be properly trained by our experts so that when we leave, they’re ready to jump in and take over.

Open source tools can be particularly daunting, with so many changes and options cropping up very quickly. These tools are a great asset for companies who don’t have the budget for expensive tools but still want the benefit of automation. Our Automation Tool Expert department performs daily research and participates heavily in open source forums and groups. When a new tool hits the open source community, our experts are on top of it studying, learning, and experimenting with it to determine if it’s good enough to put in our inventory of tools and later recommend to our clients.

Functional and Regression automation tools can be a controversial topic. It’s important to understand your goals and objectives in order to choose the most appropriate automation tool for your business. Just because a tool is popular and often expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best one for you. There many less expensive options out there that have most, if not all, of the functionality that the higher-priced ones have. Let QA Mentor guide you in the right direction for your business needs.

QA Mentor employs experts who have experience with most of the Open Source and Enterprise tools out there today.

Type Examples
API Testing Tools SoupUI, Postman, JMeter, Runscope Radar
Defect Tracking Tools Buzila, JIRA, HP Quality Center, Mantis, WebIssues, eTraxis, BugNet, THE Bug Genie
Database Testing Tools Navicat, SQL Server Management Studio, Smartbear TestComplete,RedGate, tSQLt
Web Site Link Verification Tools AccVerify/AccRepair, AppLoader, AppsWatch, ChangeAgent, CSE HTML Validator, Cyber Spyder Link Test, Dead Links, HTML Candy, HTML Tidy, InFocus, Link Cheker Pro, LinkSleuth, Real Validator, WebLight, WebQA
Mobile Testing Tools Android SDK, Appkitbox (Remote TestKit), Blackberry Simulator, Borland-Silk Mobile, DeviceAnywhere, Droid Explorer, Experitest, Perfecto Mobile, Xcode
Test Automation Tools HP Unified Functional Testing Software, Selenium HQ, SmartBear-Test Complete, Telerik-Test Studio, Borland-Silk Test, Testing Anywhere
Performance Testing Tools HP LoadRunner, Neotys-Neoload, Verisium-vPerfromer, Borland-Silk Performer, Apache JMeter, NeoLoad, LoadRunner, LoadUI, WebLoad, WART, Loadtest, LoadImpact, Testing Anywhere, Rational Performance Tester, OpenSTA, QEngine-ManageEngine, Loadstorm, CloudTest-SOASTA, Httperf
Security Testing Tools HP Fortify Software Security Center, HP WebInspect, IBM rational AppScan, Beyond Security-beSTORM
Test Management Tools HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Quality Manager, Smartbear QAComplete, Borland-Silk Central, JIRA
Test Data Management Tools GridTools-Datamaker, HP Test Data Management, IBM-InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management, Informatica Products for Test Data Management, LISA solution
Test Virtualization Tools IBM-Rational Test Virtualization Server, HP Virtualization Performance Viewer (vPV), CA-LISA Service Virtualization, Parasoft-Service Virtualization.

[heading size=”4″ align=”left”]Common Deliverables[/heading]

Automation Tool Report This report outlines each of our automation tool picks, explanation of our reasoning, the tool cost, and implementation and training difficulty.

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