Monday , 18 June 2018
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How Do You Know If Your Testing Is Effective?

Yesterday I saw a very interesting post in one of the LinkedIn groups. Someone asked the question, “If you’re in an interview and asked ‘how do you know if your testing is effective’, what would your answer be? I think it is a very interesting and at the same time a very tricky question.  Along those same lines, the questions …

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Understanding the Benefits of Static Testing

Do you review BRDs or FRDs looking for inaccuracies, usability issues, or application pathways that aren’t covered? What about other documentation such as design documents, user stories, or use cases? If you do, then you perform at least some level of static testing. And if you do, then you already perceive a benefit from the practice. But are you doing enough …

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Costly Mistakes and Lessons Learned in QA

Friends, At the beginning of every year we are setting goals and objectives at various levels and write down New Year resolutions.  One of my New Year resolution is to finally start working on my book “Costly Mistakes and Lessons Learned in QA” and dedicate some time for it.  Every week, I will be publishing some lessons learned here which …

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