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Software Testing Services

QA Candidate Interview Assessment Services


Everyone in management knows that the process of hiring qualified employees takes time. You have to go through loads of resumes to find ideal candidates, conduct phone screenings to weed the list down further, and then have the actual face to face interviews. Doing all of this takes your busy team members away from important projects for your business and …

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QA Audit & Process Improvement Services


You may have found your business in the same situation as many others that develop web applications. You’ve done everything you felt you were supposed to do, followed the recommendations of your team and development methodologies, and invested in tools and other resources.  Yet, you still find yourself mired in QA problems resulting in production defects, long testing cycles, and …

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Manual Test Design & Execution Services


How often does this happen for so many companies? They are working hard on an important project that consumes all of their development resources but someone higher up pushes another project through. They don’t have the manpower to fully test the new project because their QA resources are dedicated elsewhere.  Their options are to hire more full time staff, hire …

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Application Architecture Inspection Services


The foundation of any application is truly the architecture behind it. Without that solid foundation to build on, software applications can become unwieldy, slow, inextensible, or even unsecure. Often times not enough thought or planning goes into the architecture of a project, yielding disastrous results later on. Perhaps you’ve taken over an IT team that is trying to remedy similar …

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Advisory Support Subscription Services


QA Mentor’s Advisory Support Subscription Service is unique to only our experienced organization. This service will give you and your team the opportunity to send us up to 5 Quality Assurance questions per month relating to any topics in the QA domain. For each question sent, you will receive detailed answers that give you a thorough explanation and a direction …

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Crowdsourced Testing Services


The inherent speed, flexibility, accessibility, and global reach of the internet has helped spark a new kind of testing service that QA Mentor is proud to be a part of. CrowdSourced Testing offers companies the opportunity to have their products tested by individuals across the world, using many different devices, system configurations, and networks.  It isn’t possible to have a …

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