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Software Testing Services

QA Training & Seminars Services


One of our more popular services, our QA Training and Seminars are conducted by QA Mentor founder and CEO Ruslan Desyatnikov.  Since he is but one person and likes to keep the audience small, we often cannot accommodate the demand. Ruslan’s training and seminars are highly interactive as he encourages individuals to ask questions and share their own perspectives and …

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QA Technical Writing Services


The importance of documentation in Software Quality Assurance shouldn’t be understated. Although it’s often neglected in favor of saving time or resources, lack of it can slow the development process, ongoing maintenance or even the usability of the end product. Whether you have a pile of existing documentation that needs reviewed or a list of documents that need written from …

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QA Recruitment & Staffing Services


Anyone who has done some hiring knows that the process of hiring qualified employees or consultants takes time. You have to go through loads of resumes to find ideal candidates or work with a recruitment agency, conduct phone screenings to weed the list down further, and then have the actual face to face interviews. Doing all of this takes your …

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Test Data Management Services


One of the main components of proper testing is data. As such, it stands to reason that without good data, good testing just isn’t possible. You may have a test plan full of comprehensive scenarios but unless you have the appropriate data to run the scenarios, what you have is only a plan that can’t be executed. The best data …

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Static Testing & Inspection Artifacts Services


We all know that the sooner defects are found, the easier and less expensive they are to fix. Relying solely on dynamic application testing to find defects isn’t the best or most efficient means to testing.  Static testing involves checking documents such as requirements for thoroughness, standard deviations, or completeness. This testing can be done by developers, testers and business …

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QA Manager on Demand Services


Younger companies that develop software may not yet have a Software Quality Assurance department or processes, leaving QA out of the picture altogether or employing untrained personnel to do double-duty. This type of immature method is extremely risky and inefficient, often resulting in a great deal of production defects. Creating a QA department or process can be an intimidating task. …

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