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Software Testing Services

QA Consulting: What is Defined as Static & Dynamic Testing and When Each is Used


Software testing can be classified as static and dynamic approaches. Static testing is a process in which software products are verified by hand or through the use of different software tools. It begins early in the development life cycle and is performed during the verification procedure. In this testing method, a program is tested without being executed that is why …

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The Relationship Between Testing and Digital Agencies


The relationship between Testing and Digital Agencies is a somewhat complex one. QA Mentor has a strong relationship with a number of digital agencies, and we’ve recently been taking the time to understand what QA means to them. The first biggest lesson we’ve discovered is that QA doesn’t necessarily hold an elevated position within the Industry. For smaller to mid-sized …

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Testing in Your Time Zone Services


Many companies are still hesitant to jump into using offshore resources despite the lower costs and comparable skill sets.  There may be multiple reasons for this, but one of them is the potential difference in time zones.  In some cases when companies use offshore resources, they’re forced to wait until the next morning for answers to emails, or wait a …

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QA Mentor Test Cases Coverage Services


Requirement coverage is necessary, and you want to make sure that each requirement is actually testable and covered in the test plan.  A QA effort without proper coverage is an effort wasted. How can you truly test if you don’t know what you’re testing it for, and how can you feel confident you’ve achieved a tested product if you don’t …

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QA Mentor Test Data Management Services


One of the main components of proper testing is data. As such, it stands to reason that without good data, good testing just isn’t possible. You may have a test plan full of comprehensive scenarios but unless you have the appropriate data to run the scenarios, what you have is only a plan that can’t be executed. The best data …

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Regression Testing Execution Factory Services


Regression testing is a vital component of a healthy and error free release. Without question, it’s critically important to ensure that other modules and processes were not adversely affected by any recent changes made to the system. In 2012, Kickstarter introduces a new API to their web application. On release, it allowed unauthorized access to 70,000 of their projects. The …

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