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Cloud Performance Testing Strategy: Complete Guide

Cloud Testing Guide

The advent of Cloud Computing era has transformed the way applications are monitored, developed and used these days. The reason behind the ever-increasing popularity of cloud computing is that it provides affordable resources for users and developers alike in the forms of: Computing power Storage and Critical Resources It makes scalability and expansion for an application easier as per the …

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Localization Testing and Its Major Benefits


There are two different types of applications: Ones that target a specific region and Ones that target more than one region. In both cases, the localization testing plays an important role. The localization testing is not only about linguistics; it is also about traditions, common herd behavior and many other similar factors. QA and software testing experts perform an extensive …

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Top 3 Must Have Mobile App Beta Testing Tools


There are a high number of apps which never get used after download. This ratio is called abandoned ratio. To assure your mobile application is used by the users and you have the highest engagement rate, you must use mobile beta testing service before actually launching the app for targeted users. The mobile beta testing means making applications available to …

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Random QA Knowledge You Would Love To Know

QA Knowledge

Quality Assurance and Software Testing is a challenging job, but it is fun as well. The experts performing tests for long hours, usually enjoy the work. The people who don’t enjoy the world of testing and quality assurance often give up their career halfway because it is a challenging job. You, as a QA and Software tester, need to keep …

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Importance of Predictive Analytics in Software Testing

predictive analytics in software testing

Predictive Analytics is a concept which is being broadly exercised across industries and businesses to obtain the required inferences and to take business decisions. Traditional Software Quality Assurance (QA) is revising and taking on new responsibilities. Therefore, there is growing demand for teams to take an analytics-based approach towards next generation QA. Organizations need to reach the goals of both …

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API Testing: Quick Guide for Software Testers

API Testing

API is a common term these days, you must have heard this term. APIs have made coding faster for many developers. Also, it provides a window of using a single code in more than one application to perform similar tasks. The APIs are also used by the developers to use functionality of one solution within another solution by integrating that …

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