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Application Architecture Inspection Services

The foundation of any application is truly the architecture behind it. Without that solid foundation to build on, software applications can become unwieldy, slow, inextensible, or even unsecure. Often times not enough thought or planning goes into the architecture of a project, yielding disastrous results later on. Perhaps you’ve taken over an IT team that is trying to remedy similar past transgressions.  It’s never too early to get started with architecture reviews and designs for new projects, and it’s never too late to fix older ones.

QA Mentor’s Application Architecture Inspection Services can provide your team with the necessary expertise and oversight to fix flaws in the architecture before they even occur, or to remedy existing ones.  Our goal is to provide your team with an overall critique of your application architecture (planned or existing) with easy-to-understand, practical recommendations.  The Inspection service compares established architectural criteria with your goals and business objectives.  The primary interest is to catch the errors early, reduce your costs, and lower your risks.

Done correctly, an Architecture Inspection provides you and your team with a clear path to compliant architecture by ensuring best practices are upheld and identifying significant gaps and necessary modifications. For instance, we can show you how you can achieve better efficiency by pointing out application specific services that may be provided by the enterprise infrastructure instead.

Perhaps your team can’t seem to agree on an architecture design.  QA Mentor can give your IT team the tools and information it needs to decide between multiple alternatives by making sure that the IT projects align with current and future business objectives. Architecture Inspections bring business risks involved in the IT project to the forefront so that everyone understands them, even staff that isn’t normally involved in technical reviews.

Another bonus of an in-depth inspection is being able to identify the technical and business criteria for third party software purchases before the purchases are completed. This can save your company time, money, and effort by eliminating trial and error approaches.  This service is not a validation or review of the business logic itself, but rather focuses on implementation and design of an underlying architecture that is scalable and highly reliable for your business needs.

Conducted by a Senior Software Architect with a minimum of 15+ years of experience in the field, this service will pinpoint all of the key compliance issues, risks, and concerns via a comprehensive report. Once complete, you will be able to confidently communicate the technical readiness of your project with any management personnel.

Once our senior architect gets all design documents, such as object models and process flow diagrams, they will review that information before setting up meetings with your appropriate staff members. Generally these would be architects, developers, and testers. The number and length of these meetings depends on the size and scope of the project(s) under review. We’ll need to determine the current state of the project lifecycle, the application purpose and function within the business, estimated system volume and the plans on handling it, error condition handling, the performance expectations of the classes, and data protection mechanisms.  Understanding your network and load balancer as well as the databases involved will give us even greater insight.  Audit trails or logs, if available, can provide key information as well.

Our deliverables to you will be an architecture review report that contains an in depth analysis of the current state and our expert recommendations to fix current flaws or head off possible future issues.  Don’t overlook the foundation of your application. It needs to be solid and most importantly scalable so that it can easily handle the growth you expect, and even the growth you don’t expect.  Give QA Mentor a call today and let our experience and knowledge help you create a stronger presence in your marketplace.

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