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QA Mentor Inc. Awarded by for Position Among Top Performing Software Testing Firms

top software testing company awarded by clutch

At QA Mentor Inc., we believe our clients deserve nothing but the best. Therefore, we thoroughly test the products our clients receive to ensure our clients are getting top notch products. Software testing is only becoming more important in today’s ever-advancing tech-driven economy and is something we are extremely proud to be able to do on a day to day …

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Will AI Perform Testing?

AI perform testing

Many testers often wonder whether AI (Artificial intelligence) will threaten their existence in the future. This topic becomes even more important in the context of today’s tech-driven world where a huge number of software companies are steadily adopting high-end technologies like AI and ML. In this post, we’ve tried to find out will AI be able to perform testing ever …

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9 Reasons Why Software Testing Has a Brighter Future Than Development

Software testing future

As the world is becoming increasingly digital, we can experience a steady rise in the number of different applications being developed for different platforms. Regardless of the types of these applications, they all require software developers and software testers in order to ensure the quality of the product and fulfillment of project guidelines. In computing, testing and development are two …

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QA Mentor Helps Clients Optimize Apps and Websites

Clients Optimize Apps and Websites

The technology industry has made leaps and bounds in the last decade- in fact, so much that it’s hard to make sure all the new software and hardware available is safe and of good quality. Application testing has become vital in recent years to ensure that a platform is safe whether it be with location services or cybersecurity, and that …

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How Automated Software Testing Can Benefit Your Company

Automated Software Testing

Today’s fast-paced software development environments often trigger cost and time constraints which make it difficult to test an application thoroughly prior to release. And if defects remain undetected during the production phase, the result can be increased maintenance costs and customer dissatisfaction. Manual software testing is done by someone pouring through application screens carefully, trying different input and usage combinations, …

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Following a Hybrid Approach with Flexible On-Demand Testing Services & Solutions Embellishes QA Mentor at GoodFirms

Software Testing Company

  With an aim to help organizations from various sectors improve their QA functions, QA Mentor paves its trajectory to stand out in a primary place at GoodFirms. View QA Mentor’s Profile at GoodFirms Incorporated in 2010, and headquartered in New York, QA Mentor is a leading software testing company. QA Mentor is a multi-award winning – a CMMI Level …

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